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Why choose ShopDirect as your E-Commerce Service Provider?

Here is what makes ShopDirect Special:


Cost Effective.

We deliver cost effective AND innovative solutions founded on technical competency. All delivered through highly trained and motivated teams.


Easy To Manage.

You don’t need to know anything about coding, CAD, Bug or CPU to successfully manage your online store. Leave it up to us.


Simple To Setup

All components and tools, including a selection of templates, so that you can create and manage your own eShop with 100% independence.


Sell Anywhere.

With an online shop, you can offer your products and services anywhere at anytime.

Here are some of our many happy clients:

Gerrie Swart

“I must congratulate you and ShopDirect on the application. My Opinion – you do not do yourself justice when I compare the price to the functionality your offer…”

Naresh Sukha

“ShopDirect’s low start-up costs and affordable monthly costs allowed us to start off with a few products and upgrade us and when required.”

Jacques du Buison

“There are so many value added advantages for an extremely low total cost allowing the user to manage their website very easily.”

Claudia – Muscle Warehouse

“Shop Direct is an affordable and practical solution to your ecommerce needs! Easy to set up, easy to maintain – well done guys! ”

ShopDirect is trusted by these fine brands:



So, what do you need for a successful online store?

Going with ShopDirect is just plain smart

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