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About Us

We are here to help you succeed on the internet. Running a business isn’t easy, so let us give you one less thing to worry about. We specialise in eCommerce and nothing else, so we will look after your store while you do what you do best - run your business with confidence and peace of mind.

Where we’ve come from…

We developed our first e-commerce system way back in 1998. For many years, our experience building customised online business solutions for various clients allowed us to build one of South Africa’s first fully integrated eCommerce solution packages. Since then we’ve been actively marketing and growing e-businesses as well as providing consulting services from small to medium-sized businesses all over the country. Over time, we’ve developed a wealth of best practices gathered from learning what works and what doesn’t – and we’ve built these practices into the ShopDirect software platform ready for use by all our customers.

Ideal for Who?

Well that’s easy – for anyone that wishes to sell online. Our customers range from one-man shows selling a few products, to some of the largest retail chain stores in the country selling millions of line items. We cater for all business and all industries and markets. And what about budget? We have a budget that will help you setup everything you need to be able to sell online. So if you’ve got a product to sell, the ShopDirect eCommerce software is the bridge to selling online.

Looking to a Lucrative Future for Everyone

With increased customer demand for the ShopDirect eCommerce platform, we continue to enhance our e-commerce package to be more robust and interact with more and more partners. By keeping our fingers permanently on the pulse of the eCommerce market both locally and in the wider global online markets, we strive to consistently apply new and improved ways to sell online and attract new customers for our many merchants.