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Terms of Service, Policies, etc.

ShopDirect is committed to the protection of the privacy of our users’ personal data, combined with openness and transparency of our processes and procedures and the highest standards of governance and legislative compliance.

Accordingly, use of the ShopDirect service and this internet website as well as electronic communications with ShopDirect are subject to certain terms and conditions. ShopDirect has also published certain of its policies as well as legal and compliance related documents on this website.

Users of the Shop Direct service as well as visitors to this website must agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, the latest versions of which can be viewed here. By continuing to access the website and/or use the ReMo Service you confirm your agreement. The specific sections are:

Terms of Service and Customer Service Agreement

Refund Policy

Privacy Policy

DATE: 13 October 2009 Version: 1.1