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eCommerce Solutions

ShopDirect provides you with a comprehensive e-commerce solution that will efficiently and professionally establish your business online. Create and manage your own internet storefront with 100% independence.

DIY Solution

ShopDirect DIY provides a comprehensive e-commerce solution to efficiently and professionally establish your business online. This uniquely designed package incorporates all the major components and tools, including a selection of templates, so that you can create and manage your own internet storefront with 100% independence.

  • Target a broader buying audience immediately
  • Everything you need to manage a profitable online store
  • Step by step, easy-to-follow instructions

Professional Solution

The Professional Package enables you to become a premier player in the exciting and expanding eCommerce marketplace. ShopDirect will leverage your industry knowledge, and combined with our expertise, boost your sales into overdrive.

  • Differentiates your business online
  • Innovative design features; easy to navigate
  • Affordable, customisable and reliable

Corporate Solution

Direct Commerce is a highly customisable, eCommerce software and eCommerce shopping cart platform. We use the tried and tested ShopDirect platform as a base and create highly customised and scalable solutions geared to sell.

  • Custom tailored enterprise e-commerce development for large corporations
  • Cut costs by using our proven ShopDirect e-commerce software platform
  • Cross-sell/Up-sell web marketing and shopping cart tools


Leverage on ShopDirect’s tried and proven eCommerce technology to provide your customers with a solid, fully hosted and supported solution. We work with many independent designers, developers, marketers, freelance agents and fully fledged web development companies who aren’t interested in recreating the eCommerce wheel.

  • Get a ready to use account up and running in less than a day!
  • Apply your own design through ShopDirect’s Master CSS file
  • Easily manage your Customer’s eCommerce project through ShopDirect