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Product Management


Multiple Pricing Levels

Not all customers are equal. Activate multiple pricing levels and you can sell to both business and consumers off the same site.

Import and Update Products From Excel

Update or import thousands of products at a time using our bulk uploading system. We make it a cinch to import or export product information from your store.


Cross Selling and Upselling

Help your customers find the right products. Link suggested products and accessories and increase your average order value.

Inventory Control & Backorders

Selling unique products? Not a problem for your ShopDirect store. Adjust stock either when customers add an item to their cart or when they confirm their order, making sure that you only sell when you have stock available. Otherwise, accept back orders and ship it when your stock comes in.


Promotions, Coupons, Gift Certificates

Track your campaigns both online and offline. Include coupon codes in your print advertising and email campaigns for limited time specials and track where your sales are coming from. Gift vouchers enable your customers to give the gift of choice.

Quantity Discounts

Introduce pricing brackets to encourage customers to buy more from you.


Great Quality Pictures

Load as many pictures as you like and have the ability to view small pictures with an optional zoom in.

Downloadable Content

Sell MP3s, eBooks and courses online in a controlled environment. Protect what’s yours.

customer review

Product Reviews

Research shows that reviews sell products. With your online store your customers can rate a product and leave a review, allowing you to approve it before it goes live.

Social Sharing

Let your customer share content through social networks, whether it’s Facebook / Linkedin / Pinterest / Twitter and loads more. Connect your accounts to your store.