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Store Management

Single Page Checkout

We make checking out a cinch! Research shows that 43% of shopping carts get abandoned. Not with our single page checkout. We remove all obstacles, making for a smooth checkout process.


Live Order Tracking

Link your shipping companies’ live order tracking facilities to shipping notifications that are sent to your customers and keep them updated as to where the product is in the process.

Order History

Your customers have complete access to their order history online, making it easy to see what they have purchased in the past, which gives them more control and enables them to become repeat customers.


Automated Confirmation Emails

Automatically send order confirmation emails when your order is placed. Emails are sent to both you and your customer, allowing for greater customer interaction and service.

Unlimited Categories and Subcategories

Customers shop in different ways that’s why we allow you create as many categories and subcategories as you like. Products can also be assigned to as many categories, making it easily accessible.