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Listed below are other professional services provided by ShopDirect. Should you desire to choose any of these services, ShopDirect can easily provide them as part of your selected package at an affordable rate!

Information Architecture

Would you invest in a custom built house without a blueprint? Neither would we! That’s why when we build your new professional Shopfront, we’ll do so from our own easy to use and powerful information architecture service.


Sales Focused Copywriting

“Selling” means giving customers the strongest reason to buy. We push the benefits rather than the features of your offering. Our professional copywriting service speaks to your customer’s wants and instils the confidence to buy.

Usability Testing

The hardest part of building any eCommerce solution is making it simple. We build storefronts that don’t make your visitors think, by conducting usability testing with actual live visitors to your storefront before you launch. And we watch and learn how to make it simpler.


Product Catalogue Import

Have an existing database or an Excel sheet of all your products? We’ll help you to prepare and import thousands of new products to your new online storefront saving you many days of work.

Pack Photography

Don’t just promise the quality of your products – show it in every way you can on your storefront, by publishing absolutely top notch photographs of your products. It can really make the difference when doing better sales online.


Storefront Management

If you’re too busy to manage your online storefront, our ShopDirect store management team is dedicated to handling all orders, questions and maintenance requirements to keep your storefront selling and up-to-date.

Brush Up Service

If you’ve designed your own storefront but feel you need a second opinion or for someone to give the storefront a once over, test it, refine it and proof it to get it ready for the market, then the Brush Up Service from ShopDirect is ideal before you go live.


Back Office Integration

Are you currently running accounting, CRM or ERP software to help run your business? ShopDirect can integrate into any of these systems to allow for the streamlining and automation of products and account related information from your storefront to these systems.